Societal responsibility for the pharmaceutical industry

[Maatschappelijke verantwoordelijkheid voor de farmaceutische industrie]

Wilbert Bannenberg, Ella Weggen and Robin Veenman wrote an opinion article for the special edition “A fair medicines policy” of the Dutch journal Podium voor Bio-Ethiek about the ethical and societal responsibility that the pharmaceutical industry has.

Podium voor Bio-ethiek, jaargang 27, nr. 1, 2020. (Dutch only)

Wemos summarized the article on its website as follows:

Pharmaceutical companies have a shared responsibility to ensure equal and unlimited access to health care for the population. Therefore they should provide fairly priced medicines, and should be more transparent about development costs. The current reality, however, is that the costs of intramural medicines are increasing and are bound to become unmanageable. This has a detrimental impact on patients and society. This is the main message of Ella Weggen (Wemos), Wilbert Bannenberg (Pharmaceutical Accountability Foundation) and Robin Veenman (master’s student at the University of Amsterdam) in their article in the upcoming edition ‘Een rechtvaardig geneesmiddelbeleid’ (a fair medicines policy) of Podium voor Bio-ethiek.