List Criteria

    A2. Commits to comply with human rights standards in product development & marketing


    T1. Publishes its R&D costs.


    T2. Publishes its profit margin.


    T3. The company publishes the average and/or marginal costs of production.


    T4. Publishes its production capacity.


    T5. The company publishes the public subsidies it received during product development and/or testing


    T6. Publishes the text of licensing agreements.


    T7. Registers its clinical trials in public repositories.


    C1. The company commits to C-TAP or MPP


    C2. Commits to not enforcing the exclusive rights of Covid-19 related patents.


    C3. Supplies to, or signs agreements with, the vaccines or therapeutics pillar of the ACT Accelerator.


    E1. The company makes the active ingredient available on reasonable grounds. [ therapeutics only]


    E2. Commits to full technology transfer to other manufacturers.


    E3. Commits to non-profit or ‘fair’ pricing.


    E6. Agrees to waive exclusive rights in regulatory test data [where applicable].


    E4. Equitably distributes supplies globally. [vaccines only]


    E5. The company does not seek protection beyond the minimum criteria in TRIPS, or enforces TRIPS+ measures [where applicable]


    A1. Publishes a global access plan for its product.