Pharmaceutical Accountability Foundation

Pharmaceutical Accountability Foundation

Striving for equal access to medicines and medical technologies

Access to medicines is a human right

At Pharmaceutical Accountability Foundation, we believe the pharmaceutical industry has to be held accountable when they limit needed access by raising prices to unsustainable levels in pursuit of unfair profits. We therefore investigate cases of pharmaceutical company abuse of market exclusivity rights to keep prices high at the expense of public health. We then work to inform the public, or take legal action if necessary.


Why is medical technology so very expensive? There are many issues in the way we currently incentivise innovation.


There are several legal and policy solutions to stop misconduct, high prices, and limited access to medicines.


Examples of excessive pricing we have marked for investigation, or find illustrative of systemic challenges.

Recent News

FtV zoekt een part-time project coordinator (m/v)

Farma ter Verantwoording zoekt een parttime (16-24u/week) project coordinator voor 3 maanden, met mogelijke verlenging tot 31 maart 2022. De kandidaat zal het projectmanagement van...

Why the VIG code of conduct fails to put health first

***original publicationdate 30-7-2020, but because of recent developments republished*** Robin Veenman (former research intern at Wemos and Pharmaceutical Accountability Foundation & master student Political Science at the...

The Pharmaceutical Accountability Foundation scores pharmaceutical companies’ behaviour regarding Covid-19 in a GCCP Scorecard. Conclusion: Big differences in adherence to human rights principles

Bergeijk, 22 January 2021 – Pharmaceutical Accountability Foundation  (PAF) publishes a GCCP scorecard of pharmaceutical companies that develop important vaccines and pharmaceuticals for the Corona...

Historic victory in the case of health insurance company Menzis against the pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca

The Dutch District Court of The Hague has issued a historic and ground breaking judgement in the case of health insurance company Menzis against the...

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.@WHO: of all #COVID19 vaccines
87% in richer countries
0.2% low-income countries

The @EU_Commission refuses to share technologies and stop pharma monopolies
We must accelerate #VaccinEquity, now!

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Al een jaar zoekt de wereld naar de snelste manier uit de coronacrisis.

Maar overheden, vaccinproducenten en media lijken de meest simpele oplossing niet te willen zien.

Ik zocht uit waarom het belangrijk is om iedereen ter wereld te vaccineren tegen Covid. Het westerse egoïsme in de slag om vaccins kan ons nog duur komen te staan via @vrij_nederland

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